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Clean Green Music Machine


Clean Green Music Machine informs and connects a global network of young people building a generation of thinkers and leaders inspired and empowered to co-create a sustainable environment for life on our planet.

It starts with a live performance and becomes network of kids changing the world.

Launching This Spring!

The Shows

It Starts With A Show – To Inform And Inspire

The first Clean Green Music Machine musical stage production, Turn it Up, is an interactive and lively exploration of how energy is generated and how it powers things that are important to our everyday lives. This production explores the impact of energy choices on climate change and how the energy decisions one region makes can have impact on the whole of our planet’s biosphere. ‘Turn it Up’ provides children with simple ways they can act individually and collectively in order to slow the human impact globally on climate change and to better care for the health of the environment in which we all live.

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The Collaboratory

Interaction, Learning, and Collaboration

The Collaboratory is CGMM’s web hub, where participating children (plus their parents and teachers) can meet, share, and explore the environmental challenges we face locally and globally. It is an interactive platform where young leaders can exchange ideas, inform their communities, and inspire and connect with their counterparts from all over the world. The online Collaboratory brings together energized and activated environmentally conscious young people to transcend the barriers that separate us and join together in common cause, acting as one for the better health of our planet.

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