Heroes of Hope

Becoming a CGMM Hero of Hope means that you are learning to be an environmental activist and changemaker in your community.

You can form a group of Heroes to work with you or you can tackle a project on your own.

Performance Kit

Put on an episode of Clean Green Music Machine at your school! Share with us the story of your kids and the Hero grown-ups who will be helping. We’ll offer you some helpful suggestions and support and send along all of the materials you’ll need to put on your own version of the show in your community. In exchange, we’ll ask you to send us video recordings of your process and your performance to share with the CGMM Collaboratory community.

CGMM Network Power Pod

The Network Power Pod is a custom-built recumbent stationary bicycle that generates electrical power. It includes a LED display indicating level of power generation. Contact us to learn more.

Featured Heroes

This month’s feature heroes are Pretty Panther Pride (aka P3).

Get to know P3

Community Support

CGMM can help with you ideas about how to choose an environmental project, how to find and inspire your grown-ups to help and support you, how to attract attention to your project and how to use your project to inspire others.

CGMM Community Support includes coaching, resource ideas, and examples in action. Let us know how we can help.