Bring Us To Your School, Your Community

It Starts With A Show — To Inform And Inspire

Clean Green Music Machine is touring the world – performing at schools, public spaces, theaters and museums – at no charge! Bring Clean Green Music Machine to your community.

Clean Green Music Machine’s first episode, Turn it Up!, joins four fun and highly relatable characters as they take kids into a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) infused exploration of how energy is made and consumed and how our energy choices impact the health of the planet.

Through catchy hip hop and pop songs, lively interplay and the use of a vibrant set with projected images and graphics, kids peddle the power generating bikes on the stage — also powering a visceral understanding of energy generation.

At the end of the 45 minute show, there is a clear, achievable call to action, empowering kids as individuals and uniting them as a team.

Contact Bonnie Milner, Executive Director,, (508) 867-7662.

A Global Initiative

Adapted Locally

For each region around the globe, the Clean Green Music Machine team works with local and regional PARTNERS and stakeholders to adapt the show to reflect the people, experiences, culture, language and diversity of the local population and landscape.

The vital common thread among children of all regions is the understanding of our shared environment and the need and ability to protect it – sparking a global kid-driven conversation, interaction and collaboration.

Clean Green Music Machine is committed to all communities including those at risk for disproportionate impact from environmental disasters and those who are embargoed from environmental education.